The University Guarantee Scheme

The staff at Bedstone are fully committed to helping you secure an offer from the University of your choice, and the high level of confidence in our Sixth Form programme enables us to propose a Moneyback Guarantee for all eligible students.

Every year, we help develop and equip students not only for success in their exams, but also for life beyond Bedstone, with the majority students gaining places at their first choice universities, many of which are in the Russell Group (including Oxford and Cambridge).

See the video below, or watch it on Youtube at Oxbridge Candidate Video

The Sixth Form is designed to provide each student with a pathway to suit their individual requirements and talents, with academic and pastoral support tailored to their needs.

We also recognise that every student has different abilities, expectations and aspirations, whether following a broad career path or defined field of study, so we have created a Guarantee which offers the same level of reassurance to all-round achievers and to the academically gifted.

Under the Terms of the Moneyback Guarantee, a student’s agreement to a primary University of Choice must be agreed with the Head, with input from relevant tutors, and signed by the responsible parent/guardian, to form the basis of the Guarantee Contract. In the event of an application to Oxbridge, where a place can never be guaranteed, a backup choice may well be the one agreed.

Subject to the Terms of that Contract, Bedstone agrees to refund £5000 if an eligible student fails to secure an offer from the University Of Choice.

In the event that you agree to the Moneyback Guarantee, Terms outlined below shall apply. Failure to satisfy any of the Terms throughout the entire period will result in a forfeiture of the Moneyback Guarantee.

Terms and Eligible Student definition:

  1. The Student must be paying full fees and have attended all the required lessons and tutorials.
  2. The Student must not have been subject to any serious disciplinary sanction.
  3. The Student must not have been ‘off school’ through illness for more than 20 days in any school year.
  4. Non‐payment of fees by the due date may result in the forfeiture of the moneyback guarantee.