The HFA Programme

Turn you passion into your profession

Intellectually gifted students can be denied opportunities because they have been labelled as having High Functioning Autism. With extremely high IQs, these students would, in other circumstances, have been categorised as ‘intellectually gifted’.

Students applying to the Court 6th Form HFA scheme will, almost certainly, be channelled into STEM subjects. Mathematics, Sciences, Computer Coding, Creative Arts and Music will probably be the areas where most candidates will find their strengths. Many students will have one ‘all consuming’ passion; they will be highly talented in that area, well ahead of their peers and keen to focus all their attention on that aspect of their learning. This is where The Court can be at its most effective as a 6th form.

We can provide a mixture of A levels (Possibly IB Diploma subjects in 2022), BTECs, Projects and Work Experience that will provide a really fulfilling programme for a student with a single compelling interest. In 2022, this may well become the IB Careers Pathway. Our Bespoke Tutoring system and the use of Industry Mentors will ensure that the students make rapid and effective progress towards their targets. As educators, we are acutely aware that intellectually satisfying work makes life meaningful for these, and all students.

We understand that these students are likely to think in a different way than their peers. They are unlikely to enjoy the ‘hurly burly’ of normal school life and prefer quiet spaces and their own company. Many of these students need support to help them with their social skills. The Court 6th Form is small enough to allow that development alongside the academic programme. They will get social interaction by shared interests with other students on the courses and life in the boarding houses. The Court will use the services of a behavioural analyst to ensure that the teaching staff are full conversant with these traits and have strategies to use to accommodate all the learners.

HFA students are often brilliant physicists, computer scientists, and mathematics professors. It is also likely that Bill Gates has many of these traits. Many are totally visual thinkers with every thought represented by a picture. Visual thinkers who are expert computer programmers often say that they can see the entire program “tree,” and then they write the code on each branch.

Our teachers will help these students to develop their talents; it is also vital that these talents are developed into an employable skill. The visual thinkers can become experts in fields such as computer graphics, drafting, computer programming, automotive repair, commercial art or industrial equipment design. The music, mathematics, and memory type children can excel in mathematics, accounting, engineering, physics, music, translating engineering and legal documents, and other technical skills.

The Industry Mentors will guide the students into areas that will be beneficial to their future. To make up for social deficits, students will make themselves so good that they are recognized for brilliant work. People respect talent. We will provide mentors who are computer programmers, artists, draftsmen, etc., to teach them career skills.

How to Apply

In the first instance, please contact the marketing and admissions team by email or by telephone on 0044 1547 530961. The admissions office is open throughout the year and there is no cut-off date for applications. You should allow three months before your start time as visa applications can take this long to process.