Welcome to The Court

At this time, post Covid 19, the world of education is in upheaval. Students have become used to remote teaching, the ‘gloss’ of university education has started to fade as students have had to work from home. We have repositioned The Court 6th Form to reflect the current trend towards apprenticeships, and training preparation for the world of work, as well as a stronger focus on students gaining places at the very best Universities both in the UK and abroad. Bedstone is now in a position to take advantage of fast-emerging opportunities, whilst retaining the caring ethos and focus on pastoral care for which it is well known.

Expectations are high. We are keen to ensure that academic success is one of the key features of the school. Our pupils will realise their full potential. By the time they leave, their results will ensure that they are capable of taking up places at the top Universities or on the most competitive Corporate Apprenticeship schemes. We will develop students with the intellectual inquisitiveness to prosper, as well as the emotional strength, community awareness and moral compass to become the very best global citizens.

Our multi-cultural 6th form accepts exceptional students from all over the world. Members of our teaching staff speak a large number of languages which enable students to settle in more quickly. We demonstrate tolerance towards each other; being confident enough to respect each other’s opinions and views – putting others before ourselves.