The IB Career Related Programme

For some students, the traditional A level route to University is not the best option. For them, a more rounded package of A levels, BTECs and work experience might be the better option. This route might still lead to a degree but, equally, might result in the student finding their way into an occupational apprenticeship scheme or the world of work.

See the video below, or watch it on Youtube at Occupational Candidate Video

Click on the video to hear Leah speak about her time at Bedstone.

Many apprenticeship programmes are as keenly competitive as top quality degree courses. The best companies are looking to offer opportunities for school leavers to get qualified whilst earning a salary – not a bad option when most graduates leave university with lots of debt and difficult job prospects.

As Rolls Royce say on their apprenticeships website, ” As well as a competitive salary, our apprenticeships offer the chance to study for fully sponsored qualifications. So whether you join us straight from school, college or the world of work, there’s no need to rack up any student debt.

Many of our current leaders started their career with Rolls-Royce on one of our apprenticeship programmes. Whatever your route in, and whatever your background, you’ll be seen as a potential future leader too.

From 2023, students taking an Occupational path will be able to study within the International Baccalaureate Career Related Programme. This will allow them to take a mixture of Diploma subjects, BTECS, work experience and projects that can lead to university or straight into the world of work.

Our Bespoke Tutoring system and the use of Industry Mentors will ensure that the students make rapid and effective progress towards their targets. The work will be challenging, fun and lead to a really worthwhile and satisfying conclusion.

How to Apply

In the first instance, please contact the marketing and admissions team by email [email protected] or by telephone on 0044 1547 530961. The admissions office is open throughout the year and there is no cut-off date for applications. You should allow three months before your start time as visa applications can take this long to process.